All Heroes who are visible on the ViaHero platform are available to plan trips, but in some cases, a Hero who receives a request will decline to accept based on the specific details in the traveler's request. This can happen for several reasons: 

  • Time: If a Hero feels they aren't able to dedicate the necessary time and effort toward completing the guidebook based on the traveler's departure date, specific requests, or length of plan.
  • Fit: If a traveler's request asks for specific information or insights that the Hero doesn't feel they can provide.
  • Lack of Information: If a traveler's request does not include enough information for the Hero to determine the amount of time needed to complete the guidebook or enough about the traveler's interests to ensure that it will be a good fit.

When a Hero declines a trip, ViaHero's support team will get in touch with the traveler immediately to help facilitate a second choice. The traveler will receive a link to a selection of Heroes who match the traveler's interests and allow them to make a second choice without re-entering travel details or payment information. 

If requested, our support team will personally assist in expediting the match process so traveler's are connected and planning ASAP. 

If you are having issues connecting with a Hero and you would like assistance, contact and we will be happy to help.