Your Hero's job is to provide personalized assistance with any and everything related to your upcoming trip. Here is just a partial list of the ways in which a Hero will help you with your trip planning needs: 

Personalized Help from a Real Local 

  • neighborhoods to stay in
  • unique things to see and do
  • more authentic cultural experiences
  • culinary adventures or restricted diets 
  • avoiding tourist traps
  • a mapped out plan
  • access to events


Help with Logistics and Bookings 

  • flights
  • lodging
  • transportation
  • passports, visas, currency, travel prep
  • restaurant reservations
  • guided tours and activities
  • classes (cooking, dance, language, crafts)
  • concerts and special events



  • directly experience local culture
  • invest in local economies
  • help mitigate over-tourism

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