If you maintain citizenship in the U.S. as well as one or multiple other countries, you are still considered a U.S. citizen and therefore subject to the U.S. laws and regulations related to travel to Cuba. 

Even if you use a non-U.S. passport to pass through immigration in Cuba, or enter Cuba from outside of the U.S. (like Mexico or Canada), you are still subject to the U.S. laws related to Cuba travel, and it may be that these actions increase scrutiny as they can be perceived as efforts to evade detection by U.S. authorities. 

As such, we recommend that all U.S. citizens, regardless of dual citizenship status, comply with the following steps to ensure that your trip adheres to the current regulations:

  • Choose one of the 11 categories of travel required by the US. You will declare this category when you purchase flights, lodging, or any other service provided by a U.S. based company We recommend declaring the Support for the Cuban People category because it is typically the easiest category to fit into.

  • Purchase a Cuban Tourist Card. This is a Cuban government requirement, and has nothing to do with the 11 permitted categories of travel.

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