1. Download the Maps.me app on your mobile device.

2. Open the Maps.me app and download the map of the entire country. To download, go to the main menu, click on Download Maps, and search for the country (e.g. Cuba).

3. Go to your trip submission email and tap on the map link or attached map file This will jump you to your default web browser (Chrome preferred). 

4. Click on the download link at the bottom right, then click on the "Open in..." link.

5. Swipe right through the row of app options until you see the green Maps.me icon — tap on the Maps.me icon.

6. Your custom map will now upload to your Bookmarks in the Maps.me app.

7. To view your map, click on the Bookmarks icon (second icon from the right at the bottom), click on your map, and then click on any point of interest.

8. To utilize offline navigation during your trip, make sure the GPS on your mobile device is turned on. This will allow you to see your blue location dot on the map.