Anyone traveling to Cuba by plane will need to purchase a Tourist Card, sometimes referred to as a "visa." Your Cuban Tourist Card will allow you to visit Cuba for 30 days and can be renewed once for an additional 30 days after arrival. 

Anyone traveling to Cuba from the U.S. (no matter what nationality) will need to purchase the pink tourist card

After purchasing tickets, U.S. airlines provide information on the tourist card/visa purchasing process—some airlines issue it at the check-in desk and others at a kiosk located at the flight's departure gate. Alternatively, you can purchase the tourist card online and get it shipped to you. 

A Tourist Card is also different, and not to be confused with one of the legal travel categories. During the online flight purchasing process, there is an extra step in which travelers declare their travel category. The traveler can then purchase the flight and is required to follow the rules based on the category they declared. 

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