ViaHero allows travelers to submit requests up to two days in advance of their departure date.  

Unfortunately, for travelers departing in under 2 days, we can't accept requests since there is not sufficient time for Heroes to complete the planning process. 

For any request submitted for a trip departing in less than 7 days, Heroes are given additional support to ensure that they complete the guidebook on time, but in these situations, it's more difficult for Heroes to accept since they may not be able to make adequate time in their schedule. 

While it is possible for Heroes to plan a trip in just a couple days, we recommend booking with at least 7 days before departure, and ideally 2 weeks to a month before. 

To find a local who can plan your trip, choose your destination, enter your preferences, and view profiles of our locals. You can message any of our locals as much as you want for FREE before booking by clicking the messaging link in their profile.