ViaHero connects you to expert local trip planners who help you plan your trip. Once you choose a Hero, send an official request through our checkout page with your travel dates, group size and other details. Your Hero will respond within 24 hours and the planning will begin. 

Step 1. Get matched with your Hero 

  • Pick your destination

  • Share travel preferences using the check boxes on the Hero search page

  • Explore matching profiles

  • Request a local Hero to plan your trip!


Step 2. Let the planning begin 

  • Once you request your trip, fill out a brief travel questionnaire to allow your planner to gather suggestions and formulate a preliminary outline 

  • Message your Hero to refine the itinerary—request changes, ask questions, and solicit their opinion as a local expert

  • Your planner will incorporate all feedback and additions and build out your guidebook in the ViaHero app.

Step 3. You're ready to travel independently

  • Receive your personalized guidebook and Google map, with travel arrangements secured in advance

  • Access your guidebook in the ViaHero app (iOS or Android) on your mobile device for easy offline access while you travel

  • Remember, offline maps and phone support are available from your planner during your trip!

With ViaHero, travelers save an average of 18 hours of planning and $345 on their travels, with more of your money directly supporting locals.