To access your map offline while you travel, follow the steps below:

1. Download the Google Maps app for iOS or Android

  • Within the Google Maps app, tap the three lines to the left of the search field to open the side panel and then select Offline maps.
  • Select Custom Map and set your download area. 
  • Tap Download offline map

2. Load your Customized Map. 

  • Tap the customized Google Map link in the Maps section of your guidebook. The list of locations in your itinerary should load automatically in the Google Maps app. 

3. Save your Customized Map Locations for Offline Use

  • IMPORTANT: Tap +Follow to save all locations to your Google Maps app. 
  • To share your map with anyone in your travel group, tap Share
  • To find the list of locations in your customized map, go to My Places > Lists > Lists You Follow

See screenshots below for step-by-step visual instructions.