Step 1. Get Matched with your Hero! 

  • Share travel preferences using the criteria on the Hero search page

  • Explore local planner profiles

  • Find your match (we’ll make suggestions!)

  • Request a local to plan your trip


Step 2. Let the planning begin! 

  • Once you request your trip, fill out a brief travel questionnaire to allow your planner to begin gathering suggestions and formulating a preliminary itinerary for your approval

  • Message your Hero to refine the itinerary by requesting changes, asking questions, and soliciting their opinion as a local expert

  • Your planner will incorporate all feedback and additions and build out your guidebook in the ViaHero app.

Step 3. You're ready to travel independently

  • Receive your personalized guidebook and Google map, with your travel arrangements secured in advance

  • Load your guidebook in the ViaHero app on your mobile device for easy offline access while you travel

  • Remember, with the premium plan, offline maps and phone support are available from your planner during your trip!