Cuba Travel Policy Update 4/22/19

Last week, the White House announced a shift in Cuba travel policies aimed at curbing “thinly veiled tourism”.

What this changes about Cuba travel

Right now, nothing. The announcement did not include any information on what (if any) changes would be made to existing policies. 

What this means for existing Cuba trips

Existing travel plans should not be affected. The last time new Cuba travel restrictions were announced (in 2017), all trips planned before the changes were grandfathered in. If any changes are made this time around, existing trips will almost certainly be grandfathered in as well. 

What this means for the future of Cuba travel 

It’s hard to say for certain; this announcement may signal a potential shift in Cuba travel policy, or it may simply be political posturing. Regardless, if you want to go to Cuba, now is the time to book your trip—if this announcement does lead to policy changes, you’re going to want to have your trip already planned and ready so you don’t miss out on seeing Cuba before it’s too late. 

Based on this information, here’s what you need to do to travel there:

  • Book a flight and then your airline will instruct you on where to purchase a Cuban Tourist Card. This is a Cuban government requirement, and has nothing to do with the 12 permitted categories of travel.

  • Choose one of the 12 categories of travel required by the US. You simply need to verbally declare which category you choose, both while booking anything and when returning to the US. The Support for the Cuban People category is typically the easiest category to fit into.